Welcome to La Jolla Pharmaceutical Company, where we're dedicated to developing treatments that significantly improve outcomes in patients with life threatening diseases.

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Our current efforts focus on the clinical evaluation of treatments for chronic organ disease and hepatorenal syndrome, a life-threatening form of progressive renal failure in patients with liver cirrhosis or fulminant liver failure....

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Our researchers are focused on expanding our pipeline by developing innovative new therapies...

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Our Leading Drug Candidates: LJPC-501, GCS-100, LJPC1010, and LJPC-401

Our drug development efforts are focused on four product candidates, LJPC-501GCS-100LJPC-1010, and LJPC-401.  Our lead product, LJPC-501, is a peptide agonist of the renin-angiotensin system that acts to help the kidneys balance body fluids and electrolytes. Our second product candidate, GCS-100, focuses on modulation of galectin-3, a member of the galectin family of proteins.  Our third product candidate, LJPC-1010 is a more potent and purified derivative of GCS-100 that can be delivered orally.  Our fourth product candidate, LJPC-401, is a formulation of Hepcidin, a endogenous peptide hormone that regulates dietary iron absorption and tissue distribution.